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Volunteering should be open & accessible to all. Far too many people face unnecessary barriers when trying to access volunteer roles.

We work to ensure equality of opportunity for all people to volunteer in ways that are right for them, with the support that each person needs to make volunteering possible.

If you experience barriers or discrimination whilst volunteering, please let us know.

We can offer extra support if you are struggling to access volunteer opportunities.


“ Volunteering should be an activity that is open to all, a fundamental expression of citizenship and community, not just one more example of the divisions that blight our society”

“What makes a good volunteer experience is being welcomed to come as you are to a space where you can contribute your uniqueness to make a difference to something that you care about, and to construct meaning from that experience in a way that makes you feel like you matter and that you have something of value to add to the world.”


- Sarah Wilson

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