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Our inclusive volunteering service supports anyone who faces barriers to volunteering. This may include but is not limited to: poor mental health; physical or sensory impairment; limited spoken English; neuro diversity; asylum seeker status; history of offending; past addiction issues etc

We accept referrals from a variety of agencies or you are welcome to self referral.

In order to refer to this service please ring 07904 953864 or email

Do you work with someone who would like to volunteer but would struggle due to their additional support needs?

Volunteering Bradford – Inclusive Volunteering can: 

Support the person to:

  • Find out about local volunteering projects

  • Provide support of a trained Volunteer Support Assistant, who is matched to the individual

  • Contact projects they’re interested in, fill in forms and arrange visits

  • Visit a project by planning their journey or by coming with them

  • Settle in to a new project or activity

  • Sort out any problems or questions


We also offer:

• Opportunities to meet other volunteers, to share ideas and get more involved


What benefits could the project have for the person you’re working with?

Volunteering can have lots of benefits including;

  • Building confidence and self esteem

  • Being able to help in the community and make a difference

  • Learning new skills

  • Meeting new people and making new friends

  • Providing a sense of achievement

  • Improved mental and physical health


Volunteering is:

Volunteering is an activity that is unpaid and freely entered into, carried out for the benefit of others. It is usually not the same as a work experience placement – it’s often ongoing, informal, and focused on helping out the organisation rather than being ‘like work’ or giving specific skills.  We work with organisations that understand that although some people might need a little extra support they can still make a valuable contribution.


Volunteer roles:

There is a wide range of volunteering opportunities within the Bradford district, hundreds of these are registered with Volunteering Bradford, part of our role will be to support the person to find the right opportunity for them.




Is the person ready to volunteer?

Volunteering may not be suitable for everybody.  Here are some questions to ask yourself before making a referral;

  • Does the person want to volunteer?

  • What do they want to achieve?

  • What do they want to do or what are they interested in?

  • Do they have realistic expectations about volunteering?

  • What do you want them to achieve?


How to make a referral

Please call 07904953864 or email

Once we receive a referral we will arrange to meet with the person to discuss the referral, support workers are welcome to attend with the person if they are in agreement.

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