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‘With thanks to the Institute of Volunteering Research, UEA’ 

What will I do as a volunteer?

There are many different roles you can do as a volunteer:

Volunteering Bradford has over 300 different volunteer opportunities available

How old do I need to be to become a volunteer?

For most roles you need to be over 16 years old. You will need to be over 18 years old if you are volunteering with a person at risk or a young person one-to-one.

Can I get support to volunteer?

Yes. Please get in touch so we can talk about what roles might suit your skills and any extra support you may need.

I don’t have much spare time, can I still volunteer?

Yes. The length of time depends on which role you are doing. Some are just one day, some are every week.

Will volunteering affect my benefits?

Volunteering should not affect your benefits. If you have an employment advisor you could ask them for advice.

 Will volunteering cost me money?

No. We will pay agreed out-of-pocket costs that you may have while volunteering · If you have to spend money for travel or meals we can give you the money back.

How do I apply to be a volunteer?

Usually there is an online application. We can support you with this

Will I have to do an interview?

Usually you will be invited  in for a short chat about the volunteer role. Not all volunteer roles need an interview.

Will I need to give references?

Some roles will need references and some don’t . We will let you know if references are needed and we will give you time to get them.

What is a DBS check?

A DBS check is a Disclosure and Barring Service check and looks at whether you have a criminal record.

Will I need a DBS check?

 It is not needed for all volunteer roles. If you need one we can help you with it. This does not cost anything.

I have a criminal record can I still volunteer?

Yes. But if you want to volunteer in a role which needs a DBS check, you will need to tell us when you apply. We will make a case by case decision about whether or not you can volunteer in this role.

If I apply will I definitely become a volunteer?

We will look at your skills to make sure you are a good match for the volunteer role. If we feel it is not the right role for you, we will try to suggest another role.

How long will it be from when I apply to when I start volunteering?

We hope volunteers can start within 4 weeks of application, but sometimes DBS checks and references mean it can take longer.

What training will I get as a volunteer?

You will have an induction session with the team you are volunteering in. This will tell you more about your role and what is expected of you. What support will I get? You will have a volunteer manager who you can go to for help, support and guidance. You will have regular contact with this manager.

Can I get a reference when I finish volunteering?

Yes. You may ask for a reference or certificate of achievement upon leaving, or sooner if you need one for a job or college application.


If you need any support or assistance during your volunteer journey we can provide this.

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