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Choices – is an innovative new volunteering project that aims to break down the barriers to volunteering.

Choices is a volunteering project offering tailored support to individuals based on their needs. The project has been developed and is hosted by Volunteering Bradford. 

This project supports adults with additional support needs or who face barriers to accessing volunteering. Support needs could include but is not limited to: lack of confidence, low self-esteem, mental health difficulties, sensory impairments, physical disabilities or having a previous conviction that could be a barrier to volunteering.

Practical support:

We can provide support tailored to individual need. This could include but is not limited to:

  • Confidential appointment space

  • We can find the perfect opportunity for you

  • We can contact the organisation on your behalf

  • Provide interpreter/translation support

  • We can help complete application forms

  • We can take you to visit organisations

  • We can arrange ‘taster’ sessions

  • We can provide ongoing support whilst you are volunteering with a trained support assistant.

  • Solve accessibility issues.

  • Provide interpreters in a variety of community languages


We currently offer appointments at:

Belmont Business Centre, 7 Burnett Street, Bradford BD1 5BJ Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm Ring 07904953864 to book an appointment

Westbourne Green Health Centre, BD8 8RA , Ring 07904953864 for dates

Cellar Trust – Contact Ali

Lynfield Mount Cafe – Contact OT

Bevan Health Centre – ring 07904953864 for details of dates

Millside Centre BD1 2HS – ring 07904953864 for dates

Airedale Centre For Mental Health - contact OT

Keighley Volunteer Centre will continue to support adults with learning disabilities into volunteering

Do you require some support to volunteer? If you are interested in accessing support to volunteer, we can offer a variety of support (tailored to your needs), such as finding suitable volunteers roles, helping to complete forms, accompanying you to projects and more.

Are you supporting someone who’s interested in finding out more about volunteering? We accept referrals from other supporting organisations where a person with additional support needs has identified an interest in finding out more about volunteering.

Are you interested in volunteering to support people to volunteer? Volunteer support assistants provide tailored support to individuals who require support to volunteer in the activity of their choice. Volunteer support assistants are specifically chosen and undertake particular training to work with adults with a variety of additional needs. This role is only for people over the age of 18.

Next steps – please get in touch with Steve at Volunteering Bradford. He & the team can offer advice and support to access the service you need.

For further information, contact  Alex Kendal, Volunteer Coordinator 


Phone: 07849 704196 (Monday - Wednesday)

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