Set 1: Introduction to Volunteering

InfoSheet 1.1 (Making the Decision & Getting it Right) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 1.2 (Consultation and Participation) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 1.3 (Developing your Volunteering Policies) (pdf) (doc)

Set 2: Recruitment and Selection

InfoSheet 2.1 (Why do People Volunteer? Providing the Inspiration…) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 2.2 (Advertising and Publicity) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 2.3 (Equal Opportunities Policy – Why is it so important?) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 2.4 (Developing an Equal Opportunities Policy) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 2.5 (Application and Interview Processes) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 2.6 (Vetting Procedures) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 2.7 (What is Diversity?) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 2.8 (Increasing the Diversity of your Volunteers) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 2.9 (Volunteering and State Benefits) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 2.10 (Involving Refugees and Asylum Seekers as Volunteers) (pdf) (doc)

Set 3: Management of Volunteers

InfoSheet 3.1 (Induction Training) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 3.2 (Volunteer Tasks, Roles and Personal Development) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 3.3 (Volunteers who Work with Children and Vulnerable Adults) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 3.4 (Personal Boundaries and Confidentiality) (pdf) (d0c)

InfoSheet 3.5 (Risk Assessment and Risk Management) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 3.6 (Volunteer Records and Data Protection) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 3.7 (Volunteer Rights, Expectations & Agreements) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 3.8 (Supervision, Review and Grievance Procedures) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 3.9 (Involving and Consulting Volunteers) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 3.10 (Working with Younger Volunteers) (pdf) (doc)

Set 4: Support to Volunteers

InfoSheet 4.1 (Giving Support to Volunteers and Keeping Them) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 4.2 (Writing Volunteer Handbooks) (pdf) (doc)

Set 5: Insurance

InfoSheet 5.1 (Insurance) (pdf) (doc)

Set 6: Resource Implications

InfoSheet 6.1 (What will it cost?) (pdf) (doc)

InfoSheet 6.2 (Developing Volunteer Expenses Guidelines Appendices) (pdf) (doc)


Appendix I (Sample Volunteering Policy) (pdf) (doc)

Appendix II (Sample Description of Tasks) (pdf) (doc)

Appendix III (Sample Volunteering Agreement) (pdf) (doc)

Appendix IV (Sample Risk Assessment Form) (pdf) (doc)

Appendix V (Useful Contacts List) (pdf) (doc)

Sample Volunteer Handbook Sample Volunteer handbook

Sample Volunteer Policy and Equality Policy (pdf)