Employee Volunteering

Bradford Volunteer Centre, a local charity, is the Local Volunteering Development Agency for Bradford and a quality accredited member of Volunteering England.  We work successfully with employers to help them engage in some form of employer supported volunteering programme.

The benefits of developing an Employer Supported Volunteering Programme can include:

Personal and work based development for employees

Group activities / team building exercises

Positive promotion locally and potentially nationally

Supporting local communities and in many cases the environment

Supporting organisations who help local people who are in real need

Bradford Volunteer Centre has over five years experience of organising successful employee volunteering days, most recently for Action for Employment (A4E) where fifteen staff decorated a Shipley community centre.

“The day helped the staff team give something back.  The site visit, guidance and help from Bradford Volunteer Centre was good.  The volunteering activity enabled us to work with other members of a4e who we didn’t normally work with, it was a good use of our time and we would encourage others to do the same”

The recent Giving White Paper and the Commission on the Future of Volunteering recommended that employer supported volunteering schemes is an area which should be expanded over the next few years.


Bradford Businesses Giving Time and Money

Businesses in Bradford want to help the local economy and the communities in which they work. Too often, they find their desire to help is pulled in many directions and their contribution feels fragmented. In responding to ad-hoc requests for support, their efforts and resources are fragmented. To make a real difference, businesses want to unite around a common cause.

Raising the Bar helps businesses to manage their contributions  and demonstrate that they have a real and measurable impact.   Raising the Bar enables every business to choose from and plan for the way they will contribute to the District each year, and businesses can measure and report on what they have achieved and celebrate the contribution made by their staff.  We can help.  For more information about measuring your impact click here.

As well as giving time business and individuals can also give money through the Community Fund.  Did you know recent research has found that 60% of small businesses here in Bradford want to give to charity by payroll giving?  Now you can.  Has your company ever thought out about volunteering too?  We can help.  For more information about giving to the community here click here.


Volunteering Opportunities for Business Leaders

Many local charities need support with trustee roles. They benefit from the specialist skills and expertise found in the business sector. Find some local roles here.