Hi I’m Paula and I’d like to welcome you all today to the community fun centre at Bradford City.

People come from all over to this fun day so it brings people together to enjoy sport and entertainment and just a good time.

Hi my names Julie, I am volunteering today. I volunteer on lot and do lots of different things but I was a volunteer last year in arranging and organising, and today I am a steward.

I love being able to give something and if that’s just my time, or being there in the community that I am in then its just really important.

I’ve done it from being a teenager and it’s part of my life now. You actually come away smiling, it’s not so daunting, everybody’s in it together, so it’s fun for you and the time goes by like a flash, and then you want to do it all over again!

Hi, my name’s Adam and I work in the community department of Bradford City.

This is what it’s about, it’s about putting a little bit back into people who use our football club and letting the kids have the opportunity to play on the pitch and enjoy themselves for the day.

I think it must be fantastic, hopefully most of them are Bradford City fans, they might come to the games to see their hero’s playing out there week in week out, then to get to go on the pitch themselves and hopefully score a few goals must be fantastic.

Everyday you come here and just to see the smile on the kid’s faces is just fantastic. It’s worth getting up on this Sunday morning just to see these kids.

Just dive in there, you don’t have to have massive qualifications, you don’t have to have massive know-how, you just have to be committed and the rewards you get back from the kids, just to see the kids faces is brilliant.

Hi my name is Hamed and I am a play arranger.

Well, I started volunteering about three years ago now. I just loved it and I liked making a difference within my community – working with young kids and being a role model.

It’s great satisfaction for me. I’d say go for it it’s an amazing experience, it’s life changing, you make life friends.

Hi my names Noreen and I’m Sima.

We basically volunteer doing face painting. We’ve got a group of volunteers here.

For me it’s being a role model and helping our communities come together really, just making the best of what we’ve got.

For me it’s my self satisfaction for doing something good, I can never say no as well, don’t know how to say no to anything.

I have volunteered ever since I left school, even when I was at school. I’ve always had great satisfactions from it, it’s always helped me and I always know it’s going to be there and I always will continue volunteering.

It’s a brilliant way of getting together and making some differences in your own communities and you gain so much out of it and you will meet so many new people.

You have this whole network of people and you actually become more of a rounded person as well because you’ve gained so much knowledge on the journey, it’s a great journey to take.

Hello there, my name is Ian Brewer and I am a community development worker for the paying foot partnership.

Being an active citizenship is about volunteering; it’s about being part of the community; it’s about finding out what people in the community actually want and it’s being involved with people.

The joy about the volunteering work that we do, we enjoy to see peoples lives enriched, to see young people, children, their lives lighting up. If they are part of a youth club, or part of something else. We are here to help them to grow. That is what is important to me, and that it what I want to see happen.